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360 Panoramic Tours: These tours are created from a series of 360 panoramic images that are linked together with hotspots to form a tour that can be followed by clicking the next hotspot that displays. The individual images can also be navigated via a series of thumbnails.

This type of tour is great for most purposes but lacks some of the features of a full 3D tour, which offers 3d ‘dollhouse’ models of a space as well as a 2D ‘birdseye’ view. 

These tours are generally a bit less expensive to create than the full 3D versions.


Our 3D tours use the Matterport platform to create immersive 3D models of your space. This system utilises more images (typically taken every 6 – 8 feet) in order to create a more complex and highly accurate virtual twin of your premises. 

This type of tour lets users walk around and explore your spaces in detail, any direction and also creates 3D ‘dollhouse’ and 2D ‘birdseye’ views, which can be turned, zoomed in/out of and which the user click on to visit whatever area they wish. You can even take measurements!

Have a look at the examples below.


Example 360 PANO Tour

Example 3D Tour

compare-tour-types WebMachine360

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